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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 430AM  ABC  November 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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officers police have a teen in custody after police say he fled from officers and then tried to run one of them over with his car! police tell us this started near bonanza and nellis at 11 p-m last night. police pulled over the car..but the driver fled. officers then found the car again about 2 miles away near charleston and lamb. when officers approached the vehicle..the driver tried to run over the officer. one officer shot at the suspect....but missed. prichard into custody. good morning las vegas! i'm beth fisher... and i'm todd quinones.... the time now is ... let's get started with 13 first alert meteorologist greg
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terrifying attack... registered sex offender -
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woman's window and attempted to sexually assault her. only on 13 action news - we got a look inside the crime scene on north 10th near stewart... friends of the victim say the suspect pushed a patio table up against a back wall,, climbed up, and forced this sliding window open ... "i just can't imagine what i would feel if it happened to me, i probably would die." we're told the attacker finally left after being spooked by the victim's cell phone. 13 action news has learned that white recently lived in an the victim. another neighbor says he had tried to break into his home as well. right now white is at c-c-d-c facing charges including burglary and attempted sexual assault. the power is back on at an apartment complext after a bizarre incident involving a dump truck. nv energy saysthe trash truck lifted a dumpster into overhead wires, causing it to become stuck. the workers were forced to sit inside the truck for an hour, until n-v energy could make
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a big announcement on 'hyperloop-one' being developed in north las vegas. it now appears the first track could be built in dubai. one of the routes being considered is between dubai and abu dhabi. hyperloop is headquartered in north las vegas. developers say it would take only 12 minutes to travel over 100-miles. the owner of a valley apartment complex claims he can't demolish his building... because of squaters who refuse the complex near sahara and las vegas boulevard has caught fire five times this year... including on sunday night. investigators say squatters are likely to blame for starting each of those fires. even after sunday night's fire... we caught squatters trying to move back into the property. still, the property owners says he is taking steps to try and demolish the building within the next couple of weeks. this morning... a man wanted in a home invasion that police say resulted in murder--- has been arrested. cody sullivan was arrested
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business. investigators say the 18 year old is one of the men in this surveillance video that was recorded near twain and torrey pines. police believe sullivan and the other person shot and killed thomas jones earlier this month. that second suspect is still on the run. metro says it arrested seven people during an anti- trump protest on the strip over the weekend. police say they were blocking the road. the demonstrators marched from "the linq"to saturday night--- condeming trump for his past comments about women and immigrants. many also say trump will not be a legitimate president because hillary clinton won the popular vote. an ohio state university student is caught violently tackling an anti- trump protester. 00-05 "you don't have to compromise...hey homeboy." the video was captured by the university's student newspaper last night. shortly after the attack, campus
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speaker down the stairs. o-s-u later confirmed the suspect is a student. the university has suspended him and he is now facing battery and assault charges. and in los angeles, thousands of students walked out of class to protests trump's presidency. most of the protesters are too young to vote, but said their voices needed to be heard. about 18 different schools participated in the walkout. officials with the los angeles unified school district say the students will not face disci out. president obama held his first news conference since last week's stunning election results. he wanted to encourage americans to give president-elect donald trump some time to assemble his cabinet and let his administration get to work, "i remember what it was like when i came in eight years ago, it is a big challenge. this office is bigger than any one person and that's why ensuring a smooth transition is so important." president obama also said the democratic party needs to reflect on this loss...
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of the electorate. new video of man escaping from a burning car texas police say he had to react fast. and a shocking new development in a murder trial that has captured the nation. a federal judge released one of the stars of the netflix show "making of a murderer."
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2-year old son to die in a hot car. the jurors didn't believe justin ross harris,, who said that he didn't remember his son was sleeping in the backseat. instead, they sided with prosecuo harris left his son in the car to escape family responsibilities.. and seek-out sexual affairs. the problem for justin ross harris was he came across as a creepy, bad guy harris will be sentenced next month. take a look at this video... amazingly a man survived this car fire in houston. police say the driver jumped from the burning car--- and escaped with minor injuries. it's still not clear what
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we're learning more about the man who police say shot his young daughter in the chest. zachary cory's arrest report reveals he told officer that he and his daughter were in his bedroom when the shooting happened. the young girl told cory she could cock the weapon. he claims he handed her the gun after removing the pin. then, after getting it back, cory says the gun exploded and reassembling it. cory faces on county of felony child endangerment. at last check the young girl was hospitalized in stable condition. right now a factory in japan can't keep up with all the orders for donald trump masks! the factory is working non-stop to catch up with orders for rubber masks of the president-elect. they're making as many as 350 masks a day...that up from 45 before the election. the factory is the only one in
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masks...they also make masks of hillary clinton...and president obama. time now is x:xx --- in case you missed it, we mave more pictures of the historic supermoon why one local astronomer says he is grateful for the supermoon and how it helped astronomy. and, it seems like there is go- fund-me account for everything these days. well, one of our founding fat account. find out why, when we come back. happening right now in athens greece where president obama is meeting with the greek prime minister... we're just getting this picture in to our newsroom... this is obama's last foreign
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moon. people are fascinated with how bright the moon looked last night. greg mckay, is the president of society.... and he says the moon appears 13- percent larger right now.. .compared to last month's full moon--- because of its close proximity to earth. mckay says all this buzz is good for astronomy. "anything that gets people outside under the dark sky and looking up even if it is on a full moon night, is good for take the kids em the full moon tonight" if you missed the supermoon this time around...
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though the las vegas valley will still be under sunny skies and abnormally warm temperatures today, high pressure is actually breaking down and starting to shift to the east. city wide temperatures will 82 degrees today with winds sticking between 5 and 10 mph mainly out of the east.
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place. mostly sunny skies will turn partly cloudy and winds will begin to pick up. 10-20 mph winds will be common with gusts between 25 and 30 mph. mostly sunny skies will be common but the winds entering week bump up but only to normal next work week. zealand-v thousands of people in new zealand are still stranded
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earthquake struck the region. officials say the earthquake has caused widespread damage, as evidenced by these aerial shots of one of the towns. . massive landslides have blocked all roads to the north and south, leaving this earthquake-hit town entirely cut off.
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now saying rain or snow is the only hope as dozens of wildfires sweep through the area. the most dangerous fire is known as the "party rock" fire in the mountains of western north carolina. at more than 38-hundred acres, it covers parts of three counties and is only 15-percent contained. thousands of homes have been evacuated. the north carolina governor is saying as long as drought conditions persist the fires could burn until spring. a west virginia woman is in some hot water after a facebook michelle obama that some are calling racist pamela ramsay taylor posted on her facebook right after the election referring to melania trump... "it will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified first lady in the white house. i'm tired of seeing an ape in heels." then the mayor, beverly whaling, commented saying "just made my day pam." after the post, many in the small town of
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1:12this is not the way i want my town portrayed and michelle obama's an articulate, beautiful woman and referring to her as an ape in heels, obviously is a racial slur 1:24 many in the town, and across the nation have asked the mayor to resign... the head of the s-e-c has spent years trying to install new wall street regulations. now -- with a donald trump presidency looming -- mary jo white is stepping down. as chair of the securities and exchange commission, mary jo in implementing dodd-frank and other financial reforms. many of those reforms... donald trump has promised to roll back. white announced her plans to step down on monday. the 68-year-old called her time leading the s-e-c ... a "tremendous honor." good morning las vegas... time now is x:xx --- one nevada woman may be in some deep trouble... find out why police say she tried to bring in not one, not two, but three wild tigers into nevada!
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those stories and more, when we come back.
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sea. the swim from jordan to isreal is an effort to raise awareness of the deteriorating environmental conditions of the
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it's size... 25 people from all over the world are participating in the seven hour swim. they have boats stocked with medicine, water and food. swimmers are wearing specially designed masks to protect them from the extremely salty can be deadly if swallowed. though the las vegas valley will still be under sunny skies and abnormally warm temperatures today, high pressure is actually breaking today with winds sticking between 5 and 10 mph mainly out of the east. moving into wednesday, noticeable changes will take 10-20 mph winds will be common mph. due to the dry conditions las vegas has been under, dust, from the northwest will be cold mph and gusts up to 45, the wind chill will put into a feel winds do die down into the mostly sunny to partly sunny skies will be common in the next work week. we have new images from a strange arrest here in southern
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allegedly bringing 3 tigers into nye county. these pictures are posted on the nye county sheriff's office facebook page. investigators say trisha meyer
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illegally. it turns out.. she had a felony arrest warrant out of that state. houston police say she was picked- up after she tried to sell an exotic kitten.. but didn't turn the animal over to the buyer after receiving the money. no word on why meyer was in nye county. the man made famous by the popular netflix series "making a murderer" will soon be released from prison. brendan dassey was convicted of helping his uncle kill and rape a woman back in 2005. now pending the appeal of that conviction a wisconsin judge has released him... the e investigators took advantage of dassey's youth and limited intellect to get him to confess to a crime he didn't commit. upon his release he will have to submit to drug testing and follow state laws for registered sex offdeners the main suspect... steven avery remains in prison. legendary journalist and p-b-s newscaster gwen ifill has lost her battle with cancer. :00 i'm gwen ifill of the newshour and washington week on
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journalists across the country. she hosted the most watched vice- presidential debate in history, between then senator joe biden of deleware, and governor sarah palin of alaska. she was 61 years old. a gofundme page has been set up to raise ten thousand dollars to save benjamin franklin's gravestone at the christ church burial ground across from independence mall in the church says the gravestone has developed a significant crack on top it because of thousands of pennies being tossed on it each year in tribute to franklin, who coined the adage "a penny saved, is a penny earned." 00:59 00:59 ' categories: stage supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg had one of her childhood dreams come true. she was able to go on stage during an opera. the justice has said many times that besides her husband, she has two other loves of her
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ginsburg used to go the opera often with her best friend, and court rival, justice antonin scalia who died earlier this year. new concerns this morning about president-elect donald trump's children and how they will be involved in his presidency... there are reports the trump transition team approached the white house about potentially obtaining top secret clearances for trump's children. that would include...donald junior, eric, ivanka and her husband jared kushner. the team, however, has denied these reports saying the trump children have not filled out paperwork for security clearances. 07-10 chanting the first-ever native american honor flight returned home to reno the 45 servicemen and women on board are native americans who were honored at veteran's day memorials in washington. governor brian sandoval welcomed them home yesterday.
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most veteran and military friendly state in the country. the veterans who were on this former president george-w bush, and his wife, laura, are introducing their sweet little rescue puppy to the world they posted the photo on facebook -- and said they adopted him from the s-p-c-a of texas' jan rees-jones animal care center. the puppy's name is freddy. coming up at -5-... we are learning more informati says he accidently shot his daughter... and we are working on more breaking news stories as the come in, such as an officer involved shooting, that's where we find parker collins..parker?
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ends with metro shooting at a man who tried to run an officer over. parker collins is live near the 95 and charleston to walk us through what happened. parker adlbs parker adlibs parker adlibs thank you parker.


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